Rock Voices

Sunday, March 18, 6pm
4th Annual RV Music Trivia Night
@ Elks Club, Florence, MA
Rock Voices in Concert
About Rock Voices

Our mission statement: Healing ourselves and others through song.

Our directors strive to help everyday people find their voices. Can’t read music? No problem - most of our members don’t read music either! (We provide recordings to help you learn your part by ear.) Never sung before? That’s ok - chances are you know the songs, and will love singing in a big group where you you won’t stand out. Want to stand out? Audition for a solo and fulfill your dreams to be a rock star!


Our choirs are full of people just like you who want to sing! We have people who’ve been singing all their lives as well as people who’ve never sung a note. Our rehearsals are a safe and supportive environment for you to sing without fear of judgement. Make new friends. Learn something about your voice. Sing the music you love with a roomful of kindred spirits. Have you always wanted to sing with a band? Rock Voices has already helped many people knock that item off of their bucket lists!


Yes! At the end of the season there will be a concert with a live band backing the choir up! We hire professional musicians for the band to make sure you get the rock star experience when on stage. Concerts are not mandatory, though. If you have anxiety about being on stage or singing in front of crowds, you can opt not to sing. You may find that the weekly rehearsals are where you get the biggest benefit. Either way is fine.


We use the power of our voices combined in song to help raise money and awareness for charitable organizations. Do you have a suggestion for our fundraising efforts? Contact our Charitable Giving Coordinator by email:


Click here to meet our directors!
RV Tech Rehearsal
How Do I Join?

If the season has not started yet, pre-register to let us know you’re interested. If the season is already under way, email us to see if it’s too late to join. You can also just stop by a rehearsal any time to see what it’s all about.

Pre-registration is closed for the spring season, but you can
(Rehearsals start the week of May 14)

The cost of the spring season is $260 (discounted to $250 if paying by cash or check). We accept credit cards at most locations - check with the director to find out if it’s an option where you rehearse. Payments may be spread out over the course of the season as long as you finish paying by the last rehearsal. Scholarships are available for those who can demonstrate a need. Click here to apply
As long as you let your director know within the FIRST THREE WEEKS that you are unable to continue, you will receive a full refund. If you've paid $50 but don't let us know you're leaving until the 4th week, that's too late. (That $50 covers the time that you did participate.) After the first three weeks, refunds are only provided in cases of medical emergencies, family care situations, or loss of job, and will be pro-rated as fairly as possible.
Music is loaned out and returned at the end of the season. If you’d like to take your folder of music home with you at your first rehearsal, you will need to leave a first payment of $50. This is not a deposit that you get back at the end of the season - it’s a payment towards your tuition. If you let us know within the first three weeks that you are not continuing, simply return your folder and you’ll be refunded your $50. After the first three weeks, the $50 is not refundable.
Financial assistance is available for those who can demonstrate a need. The deadline to apply is typically the weekend before a season starts. Applications are kept confidential and will be responded to before the first rehearsal. Scholarships make it possible for many of our members to participate, and are partially funded through donations as well as from special events held throughout the year like our Halloween Karaoke Costume Party and our Music Trivia Challenge. Click here to apply
Choose a Rock Voices Location
Do you want Rock Voices to start a group near you? Let us know!
Auburn, MA
Thursday nights, 7-9pm @ St. Joseph's Parish Center (68 Central St.) • Map
Spring season starts February 8 New Members are encouraged to arrive at 6:00pm for orientation & snacks
Thursday nights, 7-9pm @ Most Holy Redeemer Church (120 Russell St.) • Map
Spring season starts February 8 New Members are encouraged to arrive at 6:00pm for orientation & snacks
Tuesday nights, 7-9pm @ The Arts Trust Building (33 Hawley St.) • Map
Spring season starts February 6 New Members are encouraged to arrive at 6:00pm for orientation & snacks
Monday nights, 7-9pm @ The Vermont Jazz Center (72 Cotton Mill Hill) • Map
Spring season starts February 5 New Members are encouraged to arrive at 6:00pm for orientation & snacks
Wednesday nights, 7-9pm @ The Keene Senior Center (70 Court St.) • Map
Spring season starts February 7 New Members are encouraged to arrive at 6:00pm for orientation & snacks
Wednesday nights, 7-9pm @ First Church (12 South Main St.) • Map
Spring season starts February 7 New Members are encouraged to arrive at 6:00pm for orientation & snacks
Tuesday nights, 7:30-9:30pm @ St. Stephen’s Episcopal (16 Elsmere Ave, Delmar, NY) • Map
Spring season starts February 6

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Experience Rock Voices

Rock Voices provides singing opportunities for people of all ages and skill levels to come together as a community and harmonize together! Our mission is to “heal ourselves and others through song”, and that’s exactly what we do. We are a 100+ voice powerhouse that performs with a live band. It may sound like a choir, but it’s really more like a rock band with lots of singers! This group is open to anyone; there are NO AUDITIONS.
This short documentary filmed by Lexi Marsh perfectly captures the spirit & energy of Rock Voices!
Isn’t it time you became a part of something wonderful? Come give us a try and you will be hooked!