About Us

Rock Voices is a no-audition adult choir that sings ONLY rock music. Our mission statement is “healing ourselves and others through song”.

Studies have shown that the sound and sensation of singing in a room with other people works a special kind of magic on us all, including improved mood, focus, deep breathing, social support, cognitive stimulation, and more. Read on to learn how to be part of this amazing experience!

Can anyone join Rock Voices?

Yes! Anyone 18+ can join. You don’t have to read music; you don’t have to audition to join (but if you want a solo, we hold auditions for those once the season is underway). Just look for a choir near you by going to our enrollment site and once you’ve found a location, follow the instructions for enrolling and paying. You can also just enroll, and hold off on payment until you’ve attended three rehearsals: we want you to experience this and make sure it’s right for you!

How does this work?

You join a choir located near you and attend up to three rehearsals with no obligation. We are confident that you’ll have so much fun you’ll want to keep coming! You sing in a room with a group of people, led by a professional musician/choir director. You can sing softly, and blend right in with everyone else – or you can decide you want to stand out, and audition for a solo. We provide recordings of your part for all the vocal sections of each song. This is how most of our members learn the songs, and means that no one has to read music to participate, but we do provide sheet music in a binder on the first night of rehearsals. The choir meets for about 12 weeks, rehearsing more songs each week in preparation for a live concert, complete with a live, professional rock band.  At last, you get to actually BE a rockstar!! 

Still not sure? That’s okay. Just use our online system to enroll, and hold off on payment until you’ve decided. This way we’ll know how much sheet music to print out, and you’ll receive any emails your director sends out prior to the first night of rehearsals.


What does it cost to sing with Rock Voices?

Tuition for an in-person season is $275. A virtual membership is $125. We want to make sure this amazing, fun, and rewarding experience is available to everyone, so we offer a variety of payment plans: you can pay all at once, or in monthly or even weekly installments. So long as you finish paying for the season by the time of your choir’s concert date, that’s fine with us. NOTE: we do require that you make an initial payment of $50 toward your tuition if you want to take home a binder of the sheet music. If you are not sure about joining yet, you can always borrow a book for the duration of the rehearsal and then turn it in at the end of the night. You can do this for your first three rehearsals, at which point you will need to decide one way or the other. If at the end of your third rehearsal you decide this isn’t for you, simply return the book and we will refund your $50.

Financial aid is available for those who can demonstrate need. We want the Rock Voices experience to be accessible to all who need it in their lives. A link to the application form can be found on our home page.

How many seasons per year are there?

Rock Voices has three seasons per year, and each choir holds a concert with a live rock band at the end of each season.

  • Spring Season – typically late January through April
  • Summer Season – typically May through July
  • Fall Season – typically September through early January (with a winter holiday break)

Do I have to sing in person?

No. We offer a virtual option that costs less than half of our regular tuition for those who are not yet comfortable singing in person, or don’t live near one of our locations. Just go to our online enrollment site, choose the group with “VIRTUAL” in the name and we’ll provide you with a link each week to a virtual rehearsal. As a virtual member, you attend rehearsals from the comfort of your home. You are able to hear the director and the vocal blend of the choir, but they cannot hear you. Because members do not need to know how to read music to sing with Rock Voices, we provide you with downloadable “part recordings” for each voice part. You sing along for twelve weeks or so, and then the choir puts on a concert where singers perform with a live rock band! As a virtual member, we can’t promise you’ll be able to sing at the concert, but it may be an option (covid has required us to adjust the rules as local conditions dictate).

What about COVID?

 We have specific protocols for rehearsals during covid; you can review those here.