COVID Protocols

COVID Protocols

These protocols apply to all singers, volunteers and employees.


     If you are sick, or think you may have been exposed to COVID, do not attend rehearsal in person. Then, take a rapid test on the day of the following rehearsal and ONLY return if that is negative.

  • AT THE DOOR (outside the rehearsal space):

    • Singers MUST review the list of Possible Covid Symptoms (posted outside the room) and not enter the space if you have symptoms.
    • The “Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability” form must be signed by each singer once per season.
    • Everyone must provide proof of all CDC-recommended vaccines and booster shots. (The CDC recommends a booster five months after your last vaccination.) 
    • Each member must have a temperature of 100.4 or lower before entering the rehearsal hall.
    • Everyone must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth when they are inside any rehearsal or performance space. Cloth masks alone are not acceptable; you must wear a disposable N95 or equivalently-rated face mask (KN95, KF94). This link can help you identify CDC-approved masks.

    • No eating or drinking inside rehearsal; please step out to do so
    • Maintain a 6 foot distance from others at all times

    • If you realize you have been exposed to COVID, please notify us by emailing so we can notify your fellow choir members. We will not identify you in that situation.