Virtual Choir

What is a “virtual choir”?

A virtual choir is a video made from many individual videos and mixed together to sound–and look–like one big choir. Here’s an example of what a “virtual choir” video looks like, albeit much smaller than what we’ll be doing. 

Why are we doing a Virtual Choir?

Until we can meet again in person, this is a way we can create music together and stay connected. We’ll have regularly scheduled online rehearsals, and finish our season with a video of us all singing the same song in harmony.

When do we start?

We will start the week of June 15, and rehearse for four weeks in a row, ending on July 9th. 

Can anyone join Rock Voices’ Virtual Choir?

Yes! Whether you have sung with Rock Voices before or not, you can join us. And Rock Voices is a no-audition choir, so you can just sing with us, no pressure at all.

How many virtual choir mini-sessions will there be?

Our first one was in May, and we are running another in June. Each mini-session will focus upon one song for the four weeks of rehearsals. Our first song was Lean On Me; the next song is Shed a Little Light by James Taylor.

I’m already a member of Rock Voices. Can I still learn from my usual choir director?

In most cases, yes. And if your specific choir isn’t holding these virtual rehearsals, you will be able to sign up and participate with our founding director, Tony Lechner. Just like our regular rehearsals, all choirs will be working on the same song.

What will this cost?

We’ve made this very affordable because we know times are hard for some people. The fee will be based on a sliding scale from $10 to $40 per mini-session (each mini-session is exactly four weeks long). If you’re experiencing financial hardship, you can also choose a “$0 Plan” and pay nothing. Since the maximum price is set at $40, if you are able or would like to pay more than that for the mini-session, or if you decide you can pay a little something toward your no-cost plan at a later date, please do so on our website, at

How will this work?

You’ll enroll in one of the mini-sessions (details below) and choose a payment plan. You have to do both of these steps, and then an email confirmation will be sent to you, along with information on how to access the virtual rehearsals in a private Facebook group, and to download customized recordings for your voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass).

All our sessions start at 7PM local time, but the sessions will be archived so that even if you can’t join us “live”, you can play the rehearsal any time you want to. For four sessions, you’ll learn with one of Rock Voices’ established directors. You’ll observe them directing the song, and you’ll sing your part at the same time that everyone else is singing their part – in your respective homes, so you won’t be able to hear or see each other at rehearsals. Some directors will also do “sectional” rehearsals, which are an optional portion of a rehearsal focused on specific voice parts.

After a couple of rehearsals, you’ll be given instructions on how to record yourself on video, singing your part of the song’s harmonies. When you are done, you’ll upload that video using a simple link we send you, and that’s it!

Great! How do I get started?

Simply go to our enrollment site, – we are using that site so we can keep track of members, and send you a weekly email about the upcoming rehearsal. If you’re already a member of Rock Voices, this site is familiar to you; it’s the one we’ve been using for the last four seasons. If you’re new to this experience, you’ll need to sign up first, creating a new login and password. Then, choose a choir to “join”. Typically you’d pick a choir near you, but for this virtual arrangement, you can sing with any choir you want.